How to Buy and Sell Expired Domains: 3 Steps to Follow

Interested in buying and selling expired domain names? You have come to the right place! Follow these 3 steps and learn how to successfully buy and sell expired domains!

Have you ever asked yourself why do people use expired domains or why they join the expired domains business? The answer is pretty simple – it is probably one of the easiest businesses to do online!

Can you profit from this type of business? Of course, you can!

In this article, we are going to explain to you how to buy and sell expired domain names! All you need to do is follow 3 steps!

Before, the business of discovering, purchasing, and flipping expired domains was nonexistent. No one knew that it is possible to buy and sell expired domains and make a profit out of that. But, when a domain name expires, the name automatically drops and becomes available for registration. The fastest person that will buy and register the domain name will become the new owner of the domain.

As we said, there are 3 steps you need to follow in order to start the business of buying & selling expired domains! These steps are:

  • Finding a specific domain name
  • Acquiring the domain name
  • Reselling the domain in an online auction

However, before we explain to you how to buy and sell expired domains, there are a few things you need to know before purchasing expired domains:

  • Know the DA or Domain Authority and PA or Page Authority – As you know there are many domains that expire every day. You can easily find all expired domains by using moonsy, or other tools. Finding the expired domains is the easy step. You will have to determine the value of the domain name and check the DA and PA of the domain. A higher domain authority and page authority means the domain name has a higher value when flipping.
  • Check the Domain Name with a Google Banned Checker – Regardless of how great the domain name is, you will have to make sure the name is not banned by Google or other search engines. By using the Google banned checker you will easily determine that.
  • Check to Know what the Domain Name was Use for – You have to keep in mind that you are purchasing an expired domain and you don’t know the type of content and pages that have been on the website. Use different tools to check what the domain name was used for.

Now that you know what you should consider before purchasing the domain name, it is time to focus on the business of flipping expired domains.

  1. Finding a specific domain name – You need to visit the domain name auction website and start your domain search. Here are some of the domain name auctions sites you can use: Afternic, Sedo, Snap, Namejet, Flippa, eBay, GoDaddy, and etc.
  2. Acquire the domain name – The steps of purchasing will start by placing a bid on the auction site. After winning the bid, you need to pay for the domain name. After that, the seller will get in touch with you and explain how you can arrange the domain transfer.
  3. Selling the domain at an online auction – Once the domain is transferred, you can sell it at an auction. If you want you can use the same auction site when purchasing the domain. Each auction site has its own rules, so follow the rules and you will be able to successfully sell the domain.

Good luck!

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